Some Ideas For Presenting Your Property For Sale

Wellington Real Estate

First Impressions

Look at your property with fresh eyes. It is now a product that is competing with others to get the attention of potential buyers. Don’t let them be put off by a lack of street appeal before they even come inside. It’s worth paying attention to these few


● Paths are clear and clean

● Gardens and lawns are tidy and well maintained

● Get some colourful flowers in if necessary

● Front door is welcoming, in good

● Don’t forget the mailbox!

Remove Clutter

● Remove any unnecessary furniture so rooms appear more spacious and tidy

● Clean out wardrobes and cupboards and arrange neatly

● Remove personal items and knick-knacks

● Tidy garage and sheds

● Make sure kitchen benches are clear and uncluttered


● Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Make sure both are spotless

● Eliminate any odours

● Clean around switches and door knobs

● Consider getting carpets professionally cleaned

● De-cob web


● Make sure all lights are working

● Repair any leaky taps or toilets

● Touch up paint

● Make sure windows and doors open easily

General Exterior

● Consider getting house and paths washed

● All lawns and gardens tidy and weeded

● Wash windows


● Not everyone loves our pets as much as we do!

● Make sure the home is free from odours

● Food bowls, litter trays etc should be put away

● If possible remove your pet for inspections and open homes

For open homes and inspections

● Make sure every room is clean and tidy

● Open curtains and turn on lights if necessary

● In winter, make sure heating is on

● Deodorise

● Remove valuables

● Add fresh flowers

Call Trish Harrison or Helen Flynn anytime for more information about presenting your home for sale.