Major benefits of selling in WINTER……


Winter is a great time to sell….

People often think summer is the best time to sell their home.  However there are major benefits of selling in winter.   The major life changes that cause buyers to look for a new home happen all year round.  A new job, growing family or the need to up or down size a home doesn’t just happen in the summer.  There are usually fewer homes on the market in winter, meaning there is less competition for the buyers who are looking for a home like yours.  So winter is a great time to sell!

With interest rates so low, the 2016 winter market will likely see more buyers out looking for a home than in recent previous years.  Purchasers looking to lock in low interest rates won’t risk waiting until the summer when these exceptionally low deals may be gone.  With interest rates so low, buyers can afford to spend more than they could have six months ago when interest rates were higher.  So now is an excellent time to sell your home.

Buyers looking in the winter months are often well educated about the property market.  They may have missed out on other properties in the summer making them more motivated to buy and more realistic about the price of a home.  Informed buyers like to buy in the winter.  They know all the things that aren’t evident in the summer, like dampness and a lack of sun are more easily identified in the winter.  By choosing a Leaders Real Estate agent, you’ll get a salesperson who can help less informed buyers have the vision to see the benefits of your home.

If a buyer loves a house in the middle of winter, they will love it when the sun shines in summer!

Winter does bring some challenges when marketing your home, this leaflet gives some suggestions on how best to overcome them.

 First Impressions:
 Ensure the outside of your house looks well maintained.

  • Wash down the exterior of the house to remove dirt and other debris.
  • Water blast paths to ensure they are clear of leaves and moss and are not slippery.
  • Clean gates and ensure latches and hinges are working smoothly.  People don’t want to touch a slimy gate and there is nothing worse than standing in the rain trying to get a gate open.
  • Clean out the roof guttering to ensure in heavy rain there is no water over flowing.
  • Wash windows to ensure the maximum amount of light is getting into your home.
  • Make sure the number of your house is easily seen from the road so buyers don’t have problems finding it.
  • Ensure outdoor lighting is working as buyers may be looking at your home in the evening.
  • Paint the treads of stairs in badly lit areas with a white strip so buyers don’t trip.

Entering the home
Once prospective buyers have got to the door of your home you want them to be greeted with a warm and cosy environment.  You want them to see your homes as a sanctuary from the cold and rain.

  • Have a door mat for them to wipe their feet on.  If you want them to remove their shoes, your Leaders Agent can put a sign at the door requesting this.
  • Have a container for wet umbrellas to be placed in and if possible, somewhere for buyers to hang coats.
  • Keep the heat on so your home feels cosy and warm.
  • Ensure there is no condensation on the windows.
  • Turn on all the lights in your house so buyers walk into a bright environment.  Brighten up dark rooms with lamps or spot lights in addition to overhead lighting.
  • Close blinds in rooms with a less attractive outlook, for example if there is just a fence outside.
  • Where possible, brew coffee or do baking to give a homely smell to your house.
  • Put away dehumidifiers and ensure washing isn’t left out on drying racks during the time your home is available for viewings.
  • Ensure rubbish bins are emptied regularly.  A few drops of lavender or other essential oils on the bag liner can help mask smells.

Cut back foliage in the garden around paths and the entrances to the house.  You don’t want wet foliage around the faces or feet of prospective buyers as they approach your home on wet days.

  • If your garden is significantly more beautiful in the summer, have photos available so buyers can see what it will look like.
  • Potted colour will brighten up gardens.
  • Put a Daphne or other highly scented plant in a pot near the front door to welcome buyers.
  • Buyers who are interested in your property will view the outside areas, so ensure these are tidy with mowed grass.

If you are considering a move in the near future we would be delighted to provide you with a current market appraisal and marketing plan. Call Trish Harrison 027 4922352 or Helen Flynn 027 2236585 – we would be happy to discuss real estate with you at anytime.